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          Provita Diet Care Center

Our center provides you with medical counselling for weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy diet, diet counsel for cholesterol, blood pressure etc and other health related problems.

Our other services are:

*healthy homemade meals delivered at your door step

*healthy confectionary

*healthy cookery workshops

Our address:

Dr. Mansi Thakkar, 4th floor shiv pooja shopping center, oppo. agra sweets, citylight, surat. mob no. 9825915500.

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Protein packed Oats chila

Oats Chila. A perfect breakfast. Low calorie & protein packed & Nurtitious with healthy tips. Yummy ,Easy & fast to make.



Chila or Cheela is a savory and tasty pancake. They are protein packed and low in calories. Its wonderful breakfast for people trying to lose weight. This ensures a supercharged and roaring start to your day. The humble chila may be simple and speedy, but let’s not take away the beautiful play of flavors involved in making it. It’s a classic, and a classic deserves special mention.  And the best part? It can be ready in a jiffy and eaten any time of the day.

It makes for a great breakfast, but it’s even more popular at North Indian weddings in the street food section. Especially on the day of mehendi, chila is made fresh for guests and served piping hot off the pan.

Here I have given Oats Chila recipe- a healthy twist given to traditional Chila. It’s packed with fiber and is low on carb. You can stuff it with cottage cheese for extra protein, even capsicum, carrots and ginger”

Oat chilla


1 cup oatmeal

¼ cup rava

¼ cup chana flour

1/2 cup curd

2 table spoon onion, tomato and coriander chopped or grind

One small green chilli chopped

Salt per taste


) Mix all the ingredients in a vessel. Add some water if necessary to make a proper chila batter.
2) Heat a non stick flat pan or tava. Spread the mixture on it and cover it.
3) Cook it both sides with some oil. Serve hot with green chutney.


* While making the batter, mix it well and allow it to stand for 10 to 15 mins. Then mix again so it does not turn out lumpy.

* Want to make it more nutritious? You can add grated vegetables and paneer to the        chila.

*New take on  Chila. Stuff it with tempered spinach and paneer, then roll and cut into pieces, giving it a contemporary twist.





















Provita power mix


Nuts and dried fruits are the ideal combination of healthy fats, fiber and protein. Fiber helps slow down of glucose-release so there is always a steady supply. Similar to fiber, protein also slow down metabolism of carbs and repairs muscle damage to prevent post-training soreness. Fats such as nuts, seeds and oils provide long lasting energy particularly for longer runs or swims over an hour.

Provita Power Mix

is a unique mixture which gives you all the elements which helps you to keep your endurance level high while exercising, cycling, swimming or running.

For details and order contact:

Dr. Mansi Thakkar:9825915500